Senior Healthcare Executive Forum (SHEF)
Working Agenda - October 23-24, 2018
Rosemont Hilton (near O'Hare)

Meeting Overview

This meeting will focus on what happens "When the Rubber Meets the Road." We will look at areas that directly impact how financial services firms and clients work together to solve health care and funding needs.

The objective of this SHEF meeting is to provide members with information to help you:

  • Develop more effective strategies for advisors to help clients understand and plan for a broad range of senior healthcare funding issues and costs.
  • Identify opportunities for new or enhanced products and services to address senior health care and funding needs.

We accomplish this by providing:

  • A greater understanding of the dynamics of specific healthcare services and programs, and how firms are providing solutions.
  • "Real world" case studies of how institutions and advisors are successfully addressing this issue and how effective planning can positively impact client families.
  • Opportunities to network and discuss issues and solutions with executives from the financial services and healthcare industries.


Tuesday, 10/23

6:00 PM Networking Reception and Dinner

Dinner Speaker: Bonnie Friedman, Author, Hospital Warrior
Bonnie will discuss her 25+ year journey advocating for her husband through a series of critical illnesses. Her experience is a model for understanding the depth and breadth of what it takes to assure the best care for a loved one, and the importance of assuring that significant financial concerns will not hamper this process.

Wednesday, 10/24

8:00 AM – 3:00 PM Roundtable Sessions (sessions are NOT in order)

Roundtable Participant Introductions and Survey Discussion
A roundtable discussion about Pop-Up Survey results, individual member perspectives and differences across a larger population.

How Home Health Care Providers Work
Stephen Huber, President, Home Care Providers, Irvine CA
Zac Overbey, CFO, Where the Heart Is, Memphis, TN

Seniors clearly prefer the "age at home" option, and consequently home healthcare agencies are increasingly important. To effectively advise and prepare clients, it is important to understand how these agencies work – the range of services, costs, payment sources, operating models, and future trends. This panel brings executives from two different Home Healthcare Agencies in two very different markets to discuss and share their insights.

The Differences and Direction of Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage
Joel Shalowitz, MD, MBA, FACP; Adjunct Professor, Northwestern School of Medicine; (Retired) Professor and Director of the Health Industry Management Program at the Kellogg School of Management

A widely acclaimed authority on government healthcare programs and policy, Joel will discuss the differences and direction of Medicare and the implications for individuals' coverages and costs.

Helping Consumers Make the Right Decisions Around Different Medicare Options
Craig Ritter, CEO, Ritter Insurance Marketing (RIM)

Consumers (and their advisors!) generally do not understand the differences and tradeoffs among "Original" Medicare, Medicare Advantage. Craig will discuss how his national network of agents helps clients through important decisions regarding their Medicare and Med Sup options.

Senior Investor Regulatory and Compliance Issues
Marina Baranovsky, Principal, Scitus Consulting (former SEC Senior Risk Analyst)

Senior investor compliance issues are here to stay and growing. Marina will discuss a range of perspectives on compliance including the definition of "senior" investor financial exploitation, US federal and state regulations, current compliance challenges, "red flags," reporting abuse, procedures and training, SEC examination trends, best practices and possible solutions.

Successful Long Term Care Insurance Sales
Marlene Lund, Lund Insurance, Speaking of Aging
(in process confirming two financial advisors)

While people increasingly understand the importance of LTCI coverage, most advisors are still not comfortable or effective selling it. Marlene Lund will moderate the discussion of two advisors who have successfully integrated LTCI sales into their practices. In addition, she will discuss how to assure that the LTCI coverage is most appropriately designed for an individual client's situation.

Case Study: Integrating HSAs into Advisors' Practices
Laura Grogan-O'Mara, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch

Laura will discuss how she has helped Merrill Lynch financial advisors work with their clients to find opportunities to optimize their HSA strategies and increase assets under management. Laura will build on our recent HSA "Pop-Up" Survey questions and discuss the range and potential impact of future legislative and regulatory initiatives.

Wrap Up and Next Steps Discussion
As time allows, we will discuss SHEF plans for 2019 including:

  • Meeting content, agendas, speakers
  • Pop-Up Survey topics
  • SHEF "Library" enhancements
  • Membership development, limitations.

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