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2021 Programming

Given the current state of the Pandemic and questions as to how businesses and individuals will be handling travel, we plan to continue with "enhanced" virtual programing for 2021. If we find that things open up sufficiently, we will discuss the potential for an in person meeting in the fourth quarter.

Meeting Dates
Based on member feedback, we are setting a monthly schedule for the entire year. Meetings will be scheduled for the third Tuesday of every month at 3-4:30 PM EASTERN time. We ask that you block 1½ hours for each meeting to allow for informal discussion and networking after the formal agenda. Please lock in the following dates:

February 16
March 16
April 20
May 18
June 15
July 20
August 17
September 21
October 19
November 16
December 21

Meeting Flow
2021 meetings will be structured to make them more useful and interactive. There will be a formal and an informal segment.

Each meeting will have a defined topic. Preceding the meeting we'll send a short two question "Quick Survey" to 1) gather your sense of an aspect of the topic, and 2) hear what you'd like to learn. We'll share this with the speaker in advance and with everyone at the start of the meeting. Each session will include a speaker (individual or panel) "presentation" and focused discussion to help connect the topic and content to 'what it means' for the financial services industry.

Zoom can't replace in person dialogue, but we will make space for more open member discussion and networking focused on your specific interests and needs. We ask that you bring your (general or specific) questions to the meetings and use the time for a peer "sounding board". In some months we may focus this time on a specific topic based on your input.

Meeting Topics
Our starting point is to have two "financial services" topics and one "healthcare" topic each quarter. Financial services topics will have connection to senior health care and funding issues. Healthcare topics will include discussion of financial implications.

Examples of topics include:

An inventory of COVID driven changes that directly or indirectly impact senior health, medicine and care

  • What happened last year. What has happened this year to date. What is in the Biden agenda.
  • Impacts on Medicare, Medicaid, ACA, SS, HSAs/FSAs, 401(k)s, telemedicine, caregiver support.


  • What are implications for financial product evolution and needs?
  • What are the implications for advisors' services, practice management, operations, and revenue?

Impact of COVID on advisor relationships & practice – how advisors work with clients, what clients expect

  • How permanent are the changes in person-to-person vs easy zoom access?
  • What is changing/needs to change in planning? How will that generate revenue?
  • What is happening on the fiduciary horizon (CFPB and States)?

Best Practice Round Robin
In addition to the Pre-meeting Quick Surveys, we are starting a "Best Practice Round Robin" program for 2021. Members indicated a desire to facilitate ongoing exchange among themselves as we do in person with our 'Round Table' approach, breaks and meals. To address that, we are tailoring our survey efforts to help gather information on a topic of choice for each member.

The basic concept is that each member may pick a question/topic that is of particular interest to them. We do a "round-robin" series of interviews with members (or wider as appropriate) to gather thoughts, experiences, successes, failures. We will compile and summarize the information into a qualitative report with secondary references as appropriate.

That report is shared back to all members. If there is an appetite to "zoom huddle" to go deeper into the results, we will organize a call independent of the meeting schedule or dedicate informal time at a monthly meeting to do that.

SHEF Member Benefits Summary

  • Attendance at meetings
  • Members may bring associates from their firm, space permitting. (at no cost for virtual meetings)
  • Access to SHEF Library for employees of member firms including all materials from past meetings:
    • Speaker decks and handouts
    • Survey reports
    • Reading lists
    • Video recordings of "Zoom" meetings
  • Input regarding Meeting Topics, speakers
  • May select one "Best Practice Round-Robin" topic and have access to all Round-Robins
  • Input regarding meeting topics

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For more information, contact:

Bob Grieb
610-989-1710, ext. 3

Heywood Sloane
610-989-1710, ext. 4

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