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Our Healthcare focus has been driven by the clear needs coming out of both our Retirement and Distribution practices. Healthcare Funding is the greatest "known unknown" in virtually every person's financial plan, regardless of age or wealth. We understand its importance, its impact and what that means to product manufacturers, "distribution firms" and advisors.

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We work at the nexus of healthcare and financial services to help firms, advisors and consumers understand the disruptive changes in both, and how to best build and execute strategies to meet their goals. Related initiatives include:

The Senior Healthcare Executive Forum (SHEF)
SHEF is a small study/networking group that brings together forward looking executives from different sectors of the financial services and medical/healthcare industries. We help members understand the direction of healthcare delivery, costs and funding, and the opportunities for financial product and services firms.

A 2-4 week focused process to help you find your best road to leveraging the Healthcare Funding opportunity to build significant sustainable client relationships and revenue. It brings the collective strengths and experiences of DSG and our partners in financial services, healthcare, marketing and technology. We will define the roadmap to make addressing healthcare funding a true profit center for your firm.

Partnership for Expanded Services
In recent years, we have partnered with Global Institutional Solutions (GIS) and its related companies to help develop and deliver a comprehensive portfolio of services focused on helping consumers meet a wide range of personal risks and helping institutions develop effective strategies to meet their customers' healthcare funding needs. Services include:

Comprehensive Caregiver and Other Personal and Commercial Risk Management Services GIS provides a wide range of "risk management" solutions for consumers and businesses. This includes Caregiver Solutions program is designed to efficiently and comprehensively help caregivers manage every step of the caregiving process.

HealthStyles.net is a unique, high value differentiating service provided to client, membership or employee groups. It supports acquisition, retention and loyalty by providing subscribers with "Life Solutions" to some of their most difficult problems HealthStyles.net provides for advisor and consumer awareness and education, collaboration among a client's care team and/or with their financial advisor, and solutions to specific health care and funding needs. It can be a Distribution Support Platform in the advisor channel or a Benefits Coordination Platform in the employer-employee space.

Distribution services include:

  • Distribution strategy and organizational development
  • Executive and advisor development, education and training
  • Product development and implementation
  • Marketing/Sales Best Practices execution at all levels of the organization

The managing Principals of DSG's Distribution and Healthcare Practice are Bob Grieb and Heywood Sloane. They bring clients unique perspectives gained through extensive senior executive and line management experience at firms in banking, securities, asset management and insurance. They have been responsible for successfully developing new distribution channels and innovative products across all sectors of the financial services industry.

For more information, contact:

Bob Grieb
610-989-1710, ext. 3

Heywood Sloane
610-989-1710, ext. 4

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