Retirement Management Executive Forum

The Retirement Management Executive Forum (RMEF) was established in 2003 at the request of a number of The Diversified Services Group, Inc.'s (DSG) consulting and research clients. It is a selective, limited membership consortium of senior executives drawn from the financial services industry who wish to openly and frankly discuss issues and opportunities focused on the Retirement Income/Asset Management Market.

The Forum's mission, which follows below, continues to evolve to better serve the needs of Members, as determined by their collective and individual experiences and perspectives:

The RMEF serves as an ongoing forum for a select group of leaders in the Retirement Income Market to share information and experiences and to discuss a variety of issues related to this market. The Forum's primary goal is to expand members' insights and perspectives beyond what is readily available in their own organizations, helping them to more effectively build their businesses in the retirement market.

The RMEF functions primarily as a "study group" to examine pertinent research, review "case studies," and discuss available methodologies or tools. Where appropriate, "outside experts" will be invited to present to the group and lead discussions. Discussions and information sharing will avoid topics that could have any "anti-trust" implications, and members will only be asked to share to the extent allowed by their firm's policies and their individual comfort levels.

The RMEF is comprised of senior executives from insurance companies, mutual funds, banks, securities firms, and distribution companies. Each RMEF member has corporate level responsibility for developing the (post-accumulation years) retirement management market.

Operations and meetings are managed and facilitated by The Diversified Services Group, Inc. (DSG), the leading retirement market consulting and research firm. Meetings are held twice a year in June and December.

Membership activities and guidelines, and meeting agendas for the Retirement Forum will be determined by DSG in conjunction with select members of the RMEF.

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