Retirement Practice Representative Engagements

  • Retirement Income Strategic and Business Planning. Worked with numerous management teams of companies from various financial services segments to develop both strategic and operational business plans for entering the retirement income market and growing asset share.
  • Worksite Opportunities. Helped a major mutual fund and insurance firm develop strategies for retaining accumulation dollars at the point of retirement. Efforts included focus groups with employers, interviews with plan administrators, identifying most profitable and easily accessible participant segments, determining fair and proper compensation for distributors, and designing operational tactics to access employees.
  • Producer Effectiveness. Used qualitative research to help a large insurance company understand producer needs and develop strategies that increased their production.
  • Board and Management Forums. Have led numerous board of director and executive management forums focused on retirement income and retirement health care market opportunities and issues. These sessions are designed to promote a common organizational understanding of issues and opportunities. Meetings have been used to kick off strategic planning processes, review key market research findings, recommend specific new product concepts and introduce a level of excitement for managers and producers.
  • Retirement Health Care. Conducted a two year engagement with a long term care organization that included a comprehensive competitive analysis, a radically redesigned product offering and pricing, and revamped advertising and sales materials. Also reengineered the marketing and sales process for a major assisted living/nursing care community.
  • Product Development. Worked with a major investment firm to develop combination long term care product concepts. Each concept was unique to the long term care hybrid product market and offered viable alternatives to the more upscale investor segment.
  • Marketing Communications. Worked with a leading insurance company to establish communication strategies for two of their new products. Analysis included focus groups with advisors, executive interviews and a review of their sales process.
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