Retirement Practice

DSG's Retirement Practice assists companies to develop and execute strategies and tactics to acquire, manage and retain retirement clients and their assets from the Retirement Inflexion Point™ throughout their retirement years.

DSG's efforts in the retirement income arena include focused consulting engagements offering our insights into market positioning, product and service offerings, asset retention and rollover strategies for defined contribution plans, sales distribution strategies and training, consumer behaviors, and competitive benchmarking and analysis.

DSG also offers clients proprietary and syndicated market research programs conducted among pre-retirees, retirees, employers, retirement plan administrators, producers, financial planners, product developers and senior financial services executives having management responsibilities for the retirement income market.

Finally, DSG has been honored to host the Retirement Management Executive Forum (RMEF) since 2003. Celebrating our 16th year, the RMEF offers executives from the Insurance, Mutual Fund, Banking, and Sales Distribution facets of the financial services industry a unique study group discussion format to share insights, successes and obstacles that have been encountered in the retirement income market.

Contact: Wm. Borden Ayers
Phone: (610) 989-1710 x 2; E-mail:

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