Senior Healthcare Executive Forum

The Senior Healthcare Executive Forum (SHEF) is a small strategic study/networking group organized to help members keep abreast of key changes in healthcare delivery and funding, and to assure they have optimal short and long term strategies to address this critical issue.

With continuing "disruptions" in the financial services AND healthcare industries, it is increasingly important to stay ahead of the curve on product direction as well as the most appropriate and effective related financial advice for consumers.

In addition to financial services executives, the SHEF "medical advisory panel" includes health and care professionals such as a geriatric physician and professor, recently retired hospital CEO and chief medical officer, senior health system payment executive, head of a regional nursing and hospice service, and others.

  • The objective of the SHEF is provide members with information and perspectives to help them design and implement more effective business strategies. This includes offering the most effective advice and products now, and positioning appropriately for future market changes. We accomplish this by providing a unique platform for members to learn from each other to better understand and anticipate market trends and direction across all industries related to health care and its funding.

  • The SHEF will focus on the interconnections among, and disruptive changes in, both the financial services and health care industries.

  • Appropriate members are executives who want to broaden and deepen their firm's strategic perspectives on issues, alternatives and opportunities related to funding senior healthcare. This includes both products and "distribution."

  • The basic structure is two meetings per year (<24 hours each at airport hotel) with roundtable discussion supported by research, select high level speakers/panels, and specific member interests/experiences. We provide a comprehensive write up of each meeting to help members share their learnings with others in their organizations.

Senior Healthcare Executive Forum (SHEF) Agenda

For more information, contact:

Bob Grieb
610-989-1710, ext. 3
Heywood Sloane
610-989-1710, ext. 4

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