Senior Healthcare Executive Forum

The SHEF helps members understand and address the range of healthcare funding opportunities today and tomorrow.

SHEF provides unique information and perspectives to help you whether you are creating products or providing advice, beginning to "connect the dots" or refining your understanding, building focused healthcare related strategies or simply looking to assure your core business will be compatible with changing consumer needs.

We look at healthcare through the lens of financial services, and we look at financial services through the lens of current and future healthcare direction. Discussions include:

  • The direction of healthcare and its financial implications
  • Current and evolving financial services strategies to address healthcare funding directly and indirectly
  • Applications of different products to fund healthcare
  • Ways to mitigate potential healthcare costs
  • Financial implications of ever changing government programs

SHEF Overview

The Senior Healthcare Executive Forum (SHEF) is a small study/networking group that brings together forward looking executives from different sectors of the financial services and medical/healthcare industries.

SHEF looks at the disruptive paradigm shifts in the financial services, employee benefits, medical and care industries; and how these shifts impact financial life and retirement planning. Its unique platform provides information, ideas and perspectives for firms that are looking to assure they maintain viability and growth in the rapidly changing worlds of health care and financial services.

Members learn from each other and outside experts, discuss focused research, share best practices, and anticipate directions across healthcare delivery and how individuals can manage and fund it.


There two meetings per year (less than 24 hours each at airport hotel) with roundtable discussion supported by research, high level speakers and panels, and members' experience.

We conduct a survey on related topics before each meeting and use the analysis to facilitate roundtable discussions.

Members receive a comprehensive recap of each meeting appropriate for ongoing reference and sharing across their organizations. In addition, SHEF maintains a Members Only Library including comprehensive material on all prior meeting topics and research.

25% of all dues is allocated to a research/speakers budget to assure we continually have very robust and relevant programming to meet members' needs and expectations.

Members may invite colleagues from their firms to attend subject to space availability and a nominal fee.

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For more information, contact:

Bob Grieb
610-989-1710, ext. 3
Heywood Sloane
610-989-1710, ext. 4

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