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Connecting Dots to Integrate Wealth & Health

Heywood Sloane

J. Heywood E. Sloane

610-457-2906 (M)

Heywood Sloane is a DSG Principal. He brings clients executive experience across the banking, securities, investment management and insurance industries, and couples that with experience in the technology and publishing industries. He focuses on product development, start up, and turnaround situations. He was instrumental in starting Trust Companies, Commercial Banks, and Broker-Dealers, as well as FinTech companies in the mutual fund and publishing businesses. He was responsible for the first “class of shares” and numerous hybrid products across financial service sectors.

As a co-founder and manager of the Wealth-Health Executive Network (WHEN) and HealthStyles.net he brings his experience and perspectives to the issues and opportunities to fund health and care.

Recent work has focused on the integration of health and care funding across financial services, products, and distribution systems – topics he has researched and written about extensively.

Mr. Sloane has a BA in Economics from Haverford College and a MSc. Management from The London School of Economics. He currently serves on the boards of both start-up and established profit and non-profit corporations.

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