Long Covid: Human Capital Destruction at Scale, Consequences & Actions to Take

Large scale events have long tails, never return to “normal” quickly, and are never predictable!  Covid has already destroyed human capital on a global scale. With over 6 million deaths and 460 million reported cases, its scale equates to major wars and famines.  That may just be the beginning. Research early in the pandemic indicated […]

The Caring Company Revisited

In January 2019 the Harvard Business School produced a study, “The Caring Company”. That study delved into how employers can help employees manage their caregiving responsibilities — while reducing costs and increasing productivity. Obviously, with Covid things needed to accelerate, and they did! The study covers a plethora of caregiver costs due to turnover and […]

2022 Brings Cost Increases in Health Insurance of All Types

In the case of Medicare, a 15% increase in the Part B premium is large by any measure. For lower income brackets, this can wipe out the 5.9% COLA increase in any Social Security payments. For people in those brackets, it makes inflation from all other sources more painful. It is deducted from their payments […]