Long Covid: Human Capital Destruction at Scale, Consequences & Actions to Take

Large scale events have long tails, never return to “normal” quickly, and are never predictable!  Covid has already destroyed human capital on a global scale. With over 6 million deaths and 460 million reported cases, its scale equates to major wars and famines.  That may just be the beginning. Research early in the pandemic indicated […]

The Hidden CU Advantage in the Small Business Market

Economies and Diseconomies of Scale Economies of scale are baked into the DNA of larger companies. It is true for financial services firms, health services, manufacturing firms – in fact for all organizations. Try as they may, large banks will always have difficulty making small loans. They need high volumes to move the bottom line […]

The Caring Company Revisited

In January 2019 the Harvard Business School produced a study, “The Caring Company”. That study delved into how employers can help employees manage their caregiving responsibilities — while reducing costs and increasing productivity. Obviously, with Covid things needed to accelerate, and they did! The study covers a plethora of caregiver costs due to turnover and […]

2022 Brings Cost Increases in Health Insurance of All Types

In the case of Medicare, a 15% increase in the Part B premium is large by any measure. For lower income brackets, this can wipe out the 5.9% COLA increase in any Social Security payments. For people in those brackets, it makes inflation from all other sources more painful. It is deducted from their payments […]