Medical Debt Is Pervasive – and More Often Than Not, Underestimated.

“Diagnosis: Debt” is an ongoing reporting partnership between KHN and NPR. It explores the scale, impact, and causes of medical debt in America. It draws on a study, “KFF Health Care Debt Survey” released in late June that pulls information from a Kaiser News poll, and couples it with data from the Urban Institute and […]

Lowering Medical Cost – Sleep Apnea – There’s an App for That!

ResApp gets 510(k) clearance for mobile sleep apnea test SleepCheck Why it’s important: It involves a lot of people – an estimated 20 million! It rises with age and obesity, both of which are increasing in the U.S., and it impacts life expectancy.  It’s also associated with costly chronic conditions like high blood pressure, heart […]

July May Be a Watershed Month for Medical Cost Control

July may become a milestone month for controlling medical costs. It has taken over a decade since it was first envisioned in the ACA, but finally rules are coalescing to compel transparency across industry. That is significant because the medical industry has grown uniquely and increasingly opaque since the middle of the last century. On […]

Long Covid: Human Capital Destruction at Scale, Consequences & Actions to Take

Large scale events have long tails, never return to “normal” quickly, and are never predictable!  Covid has already destroyed human capital on a global scale. With over 6 million deaths and 460 million reported cases, its scale equates to major wars and famines.  That may just be the beginning. Research early in the pandemic indicated […]