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Connecting Dots to Integrate Wealth & Health

Front Line Support Tools

DSG brings its clients the resources they need to increase the effectiveness of front-line employees, generate revenue, and increase the value they bring to clients. 

By aligning resources with your situation and objectives, implementation can drive client engagement, add revenue, increase client loyalty and financial security, while minimizing effort required of your team. 

Caregiver Support Services

Caregiver Support Services

Caregiver Support Programs:  The caregiver crisis is real. Clients need help to navigate specific situations, mitigate stress, and avoid costly mistakes.  The three tiers are continually curated for quality and usability.

Caregiver Quick Reference: Care guides for specific illnesses.

Comprehensive Caregiver Resources:  Digital resources for all facets of caregiving, safeguarding, wellness, communications, and caregiver support.

Personal Caregiver Advocacy: Personal advocacy for urgent situations and ongoing needs.

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HealthStyles.net is a high value differentiating service for client, membership, or employee groups. It is a customizable platform to support acquisition, retention, loyalty, and revenue. It uses life-stage scenarios to illustrate financial steps clients can take, when, and why. It can be a Distribution Platform supporting primary channels or a Benefits Coordination Platform for employers.

Tailored Tools

Tailored Tools

Tailored Tools: Each firm’s objectives, resources, and market segments are different. Because health and care funding involve all financial service, medical, caregiving, housing, and public sectors, the best solutions and resources may be in another industry altogether. We identify potential solutions to increase funding flexibility or reduce care delivery costs.

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