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Connecting Dots to Integrate Wealth & Health

Are You Ready To Unlock Value for Your Clients?

We help firms accelerate the time from insights to outcomes by partnering in multiple ways.

Wealth-Health Executive Network

•  Unique network to connect with peers and industry influencers from finance, policy, medicine, and care
•  Keep current on key issues and best practices
•  Tap a “Member Resource Library” to assimilate and socialize as you develop strategies for your firm
•  Member access to Wealth-Health Integration diagnostics and advisory services

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Advisory Services

Objective Assessment and Advisory Support

•  Simple diagnostic tools to objectively assess your current “readiness” to take initial or additional steps to integrate Wealth-Health opportunities for your organization
•  Advisory support as you plan and implement Wealth-Health strategies to grow profitably through client engagement, marketing initiatives, and product innovation

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Frontline Tools

Front Line and Client Support Tools

•  To increase the effectiveness of your font line employees, the value you bring to clients, and your capacity to generate revenue
•  For situations that call for simple plug-in solutions to fully integrated solutions
•  To protect clients, reinforce competitive moats, generate value for clients and revenue for your firm

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Heads of Wealth Management

CEOs of Regional Banks & Credit Unions

Leadership of Product Management & Marketing

Heads of RIAs & Broker-Dealers

Advisors & Agents

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