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Connecting Dots to Integrate Wealth & Health


DSG’s Wealth-Health focus is rooted in a Retirement Market focus dating from 1996. At that time, we anticipated that demographics would drive an industry shift from accumulation to income and distribution as the key determinant of retirement success. By 2006 our research led us to conclude that health is an equally critical determinant – and they are inextricably connected. In 2013 our white paper, Senior Health Foundations, addressed the “Dependency Gap” and envisioned multiple paths to mitigate the financial burdens. 

Advice that cuts across fragmented silos within and across the financial and the health industries is of great value, but rare.  We connect dots between the multiple silos in both to share insights with clients. Selections are included below:

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The Caring Company Revisited

In January 2019 the Harvard Business School produced a study, “The Caring Company”. That study delved into how employers can help employees manage their caregiving

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