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Connecting Dots to Integrate Wealth & Health

Unlock Value for Your Client and for Your Firm

Addressing Wealth-Health Integration will help you:

  • Attract new clients with multi-generational wealth, health, and care planning
  • Grow share of wallet by linking products and services to meet health and care funding needs
  • Protect assets under management by helping clients mitigate health and care funding risks
  • Increase retention by offering clients insights, not just financial tools
  • Build loyalty with valuable client experiences

Holistic business models add value across loan, saving, investment, insurance, medical, care, and housing silos.

  • Managing and mitigating health and care costs opens opportunities for all financial products and services
  • Clients who manage their health – are better; credit risks, insurance risks, savers, long-term investors, and more likely to be clients longer.
  • Clients who plan for and fund health and care – avoid liquidity events that can destroy savings, portfolios, and credit

Managing Americans’ #1 concern requires it.

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